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Wheel Audit is the glad chief in keeping up vehicle investigation reports. Our list is refreshed progressively and has a record of pretty much every pre-owned car. We will work in co-appointment with the company with insurance agencies, sell off business sectors and vehicle review organizations empower us to give exact vehicle history. Wheel History ensures you get what you pay for! Upheld by 100% unconditional promise, We need to make a reasonable commitment to improving the nature of vehicles offered available to be purchased on the optional market.

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Our Company

WheelAudit has been providing customers with comprehensive vehicle history reports since 2012. Our aim is to reduce uncertainty and fraud in the automotive sector by empowering prospective buyers with an informed insight into a vehicle’s history. WheelAudit is an NMVTIS-approved (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System) data provider. NMVTIS is a national database designed to protect consumers from fraud and unsafe vehicles that prevents stolen vehicles from being resold and provides users with accurate vehicle information. The vehicle history provided by WheelAudit can be utilized by anyone interested in a safe purchase who wants to avoid potential hidden issues associated with purchasing a used vehicle.

How to perform a vehicle check with WheelAudit

An WheelAudit check for VIN (Vehicle Identification Numbers) is available for both used vehicles and light trucks after 1980. Simply provide your unique 17-character VIN and an EpicVIN Report will be generated from our database of over 350 million records.

Track and monitor company activity with automatic updates

Create custom lists to keep track of the companies you’re interested in and get automatic updates to monitor their latest activity, like raising a new round of funding.

How Reliable is WheelAudit?

At WheelAudit, we do not compromise on our integrity. The accuracy of our reports and the affordability makes it the best. We have noticed that our excellent services make people wonder how EpicVIN gets information. The truth is that we use trustworthy and authority databases.

How Does WheelAudit Get Their Information?

WheelAudit gathers well-detailed information about vehicle titles, specifications, sales, accidents, thefts, and so forth, from official U.S. government sources throughout the nation. With this, we provide you a comprehensive history report of the motor vehicle you are planning to buy.


Our registration process takes one minute to complete, and you’ll have unlimited access once you’re finished.

Our goal

We would like to draw your attention to the global problem of car theft. If you believe the statistics that show that over the years the number of stolen cars in the world reaches about 3 million and relate this value to the total production of cars in the world, it turns out that the number of stolen cars is approximately equal to 10% of the value of global production of cars on world. The second main problem are dishonest car dealers who sell cars that threaten your safety - after serious road accidents and other events such as fire or flood.

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